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Life Insurance : Annuities : Tax Free Retirement

We have offered all types of Life Insurance along with Fixed Indexed Annuities and Tax Free Retirement since 2010.

We have access to over 20 different top rated insurance carriers which allows us to find the best product  with the best carrier that fits any budget for your insurance needs.


331 Bristol Cir

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Protecting Loved Ones From Financial Burden

With the sudden death of any family member there can be a financial burden on the family. How do we pay the mortgage? How do we pay for the funeral cost? How are we going to survive financially? With our services we can offer that peace of mind. We even have products that have Living Benefits. Funds from certain policies can be used while you are still alive if a Critical or Chronic Illness occurred such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack. Contact us for more information.

Our Services

Life Insurance

We offer Final Expense Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Life Insurance, and Term Life Insurance. We can insure anyone as early as 15 days old up to the age of 85. No matter your health condition, we can find a product that fits your needs.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

We offer a wide variety of Fixed Indexed Annuities whether you need an immediate income or a steady income for later on in your retirement. With our annuities there is no loss of your money. You get the advantages of the upside of the market with no losses when the market drops.

Tax Free Retirement

We offer programs for our clients from  0 - 70  which offers a tax free income for your retirement. Just like annuities, there is no loss of money and these products are great for the younger generation








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Please contact us even if you already have coverage in place. We will do a complimentary review of your coverage and let you know if the coverage still meets your insurance needs. 80% of the policy reviews we provide, clients do not have the coverage they thought they signed up for. Either call or email us and we will contact you by the next business day.


Phone: (410)924-2196 (leave message)


Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm



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